14 April 2021 - 5 May 2021
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Participate in an exciting new event - the Insurance 4 Development Ideathon jointly organised by InsurLab Germany and GIZ!

At the centre of the Ideathon will be three specific challenges, stemming from GIZ insurance projects, which presumably can be addressed with tech solutions. Teams consisting primarily of (Insur)Techs, but also insurers, academia and think tanks will have the chance to work out possible solutions to these challenges in a three-week-long digital Design-Sprint process.

The organisers are now looking for participants (InsurTechs, insurers, think tanks) that would like to participate in one of the three challenges. 

When: 14 April - 5 May 2021

  • Note: For the Ideathon, participants should allow 1 to 1.5 working days per week for 3 weeks of commitment, plus participate in the three main events (see below)

Benefits: Make use of this opportunity to:

  • Develop scalable solutions to real-world challenges faced in developing markets, leveraging technological innovations like AI, automatisation, remote sensing, IoT, and more
  • Gain exposure to different countries and sectors
  • Access a broad network of peers and potential partners: InsurTechs, insurers, academia, and development institutions

Tracks: GIZ is offering three different tracks. Each track is designed to best accommodate a participant’s interests: 

  • Flood Insurance Product for India: Design a flood insurance product to protect poor and vulnerable people, namely laborers and micro-entrepreneurs, from loss of income. Focus on the underlying methodology & technology to correctly monitor flood events.
    • Target group: Service providers focusing on provision, evaluation and processing of remote sensing data and risk modeling, AI developers working on big data and earth observation, insurance operators doing claims adjudication
  • AI-based health claims adjudication as a Global Good: Design a general framework to set up and package openIMIS AI as a Global Good for managing health insurance. The framework should enable a plug-and-play implementation of openIMIS AI in various country contexts. 
    • Target group: AI developers who produce decision support modules, insurance operators doing claims adjudication, health insurers and InsurTechs
  • Insurance for Paraguayan Beekeepers: Design an insurance product for small-scale beekeepers. Focus on the challenge of providing a low-cost solution which could be attractive to the described target group. 
    • Target group: Insurers, InsurTechs and service providers with an interest in the region and experience in agri insurance or with experience on working on the described perils, Think Tanks and research institutes with relevant expertise

View more details on the structure of the programme, relevant dates, additional information on the three tracks and eligiblity, etc.

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