3 September 2018 - 4 September 2018

Since its launch in 2008, the Convergences World Forum has become a key event for all the professionnals who seek innovative solutions to fight poverty in the world. The Forum offers experts and decision-makers a space for learning, networking and high level sharing to build answers together to the social and environmental challenges both in northern and southern countries. Every year, the Convergences World Forum is the culmination of the work of  the Convergences platform for thought and gathers more than 7000 attendees in Paris.

Come reflect together about society, the one that defines us, but also the one that we can contribute to change in order to build a fairer and more sustainable tomorrow.

Because the world of tomorrow must be invented today, let’s think together on the keys to a world where everyone will have access to a quality health system and education, but also to decent work and a sustainable living environment.

Because making means acting. Acting begins by speaking up and sharing: more than a mere forum for exchanging best practices, the Forum will be a space-time of foresight, experimentation and creativity that, through collective intelligence, must provide the keys, the partners and the determination to act in favour of a Zero exclusion, Zero carbon, Zero Poverty world.

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