Our commitment to SDGs
The Microinsurance Network calls on the global insurance industry to support the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Insurance and development experts must recognise that insurance is a critical enabler if we are to attain many of the UN SDGs. The Microinsurance Network is committed advocating for the recognition of the role of inclusive insurance in the attainment of the SDGs, particularly of the six SDGs for which insurance fulfils a primary role in target achievement. These are: no poverty, no hunger, good health, gender equality, good jobs and economic growth, and protect the planet. Five more SDGs have been identified that rely on insurance playing a secondary role. Risk management and insurance at all levels – micro, meso and macro – are needed to build up the resilience that underpins the sustainable development agenda. Find out more

Our partnership with the UN Environment’s Principles for Sustainable Insurance Initiative
The Microinsurance Network is a partner of the UN Environment’s Principles for Sustainable Insurance Initiative (PSI), the largest collaborative initiative between the United Nations and the insurance industry. The partnership aims to advance the social and financial inclusion dimension of sustainable insurance with the goal of closing the insurance protection gap— the gap between economic losses from all disaster events and insured losses. Endorsed by the UN Secretary-General and insurance CEOs, the PSI serves as a global framework and global collaborative initiative for the insurance industry to address environmental, social and governance challenges—such as climate change, natural disasters, ecosystem degradation, financial exclusion, human rights violations, health risks, and corruption—and to strengthen the industry’s contribution to sustainable development.
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Our commitment to address climate change
Two years after the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, ratified by 153 parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), the Microinsurance Network would like to reaffirm its commitment to the adaptation and mitigation of the effects of climate change through the work of its diverse membership. Climate change is one of the biggest challenges that confronts us today. It has far-reaching adverse economic and social impacts — many of which are already visible — and these affect developing countries disproportionately, making them more vulnerable than the industrialised and emerging economies considered to be major polluters. Find out more

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