What we do

The Network brings together multi-stakeholder microinsurance experts to:

  •     Facilitate open dialogue
  •     Generate and exchange knowledge and best practices
  •     Carry out in-depth research on relevant emerging topics
  •     Ensure microinsurance is an important part of global development agendas

The Microinsurance Network's  focusses on leveraging the expertise of members across the Network and distilling key lessons learned and best practices for adoption by the microinsurance sector. The Network places particular emphasis on ensuring that the expansion of the microinsurance sector goes hand in hand with developing high-quality insurance services, which are both profitable and meet client needs.

We foster dialogue between regulators, supervisors and industry to seek a balanced regulatory environment that incentivises industry participation, as well as offering a space in which seekers and providers of insurance solutions can come together around specific issues and engage in a way that is beneficial to the sustainability of the sector.

Our flagship products

The State of Microinsurance (SoM)

The Network's annual journal brings together some of the most authoritative voices within the field of microinsurance to take stock of the sector, and provides you with an in-depth understanding of the context in which to operate.

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The World Map of Microinsurance (WMM)

This interactive map enables practitioners to find and analyse sector-specific data by region to gain insights into global trends in microinsurance.

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The microinsurance online resource library

The Network library has over 360 resources on microinsurance and enables you to:

  • Search for documents according to a range of criteria
  • Upload and share your own papers and publications
  • Rate resources that you have reviewed and help build up a classification of microinsurance resources 

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