Exploring New Frontiers - The Potential of Impact Investments in Microinsurance


This Network publication coordinated by the Funders Discussion Group, explores the state of impact investing in the microinsurance sector, landscapes the investments made till date, identifies challenges in the sphere and makes key recommendations to current and potential microinsurance investors.

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ILO's IIF Annual Report 2016


The ILO’s Impact Insurance Facility's Annual Report 2016 highlights their achievements over the past year. In 2016, the Facility started eleven innovation projects in sub-Saharan Africa – projects that are pushing the frontier by testing new ways for insurance to live up to its development potential. These projects are supported by a batch of Impact Insurance Fellows who are responsible for assisting their host companies in project implementation and documenting the emerging lessons and experiences.

7th Consultative Forum Briefing Note: The role of mutuals, cooperatives and community-based organisations in inclusive insurance markets


The 7th Consultative Forum which took place in Colombo, Sri Lanka on November 15, 2016 brought together high-ranking representatives from Asian insurance supervisory authorities and the industry to discuss “The role of mutuals, cooperatives and community-based organisations (MCCOs) in inclusive insurance markets”.


This Forum Briefing Note provides a summary of the key take-aways from the event and outlines recommendations for action for supervisors and policy makers, as well as for mutuals, cooperatives and community-based organisations (MCCOs).

Performance evaluation framework for government-sponsored health insurance programmes


The attainment of Universal Health Coverage (UHC) is one of the key goals of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), with a special emphasis on cost-effectiveness as a key success factor. So far, a number of countries have initiated health insurance programmes as a means to provide healthcare coverage, financial protection and to achieve the final goal of UHC. These programmes are based on the principles of risk pooling and purchasing of health services on behalf of the insured.

State of Microinsurance 2016


This second edition of the Microinsurance Network's annual magazine presents the insights and views of 22 experts in the field with regards to innovative developments in product design, distribution and regulation. Topics discussed include behavioural economics in microinsurance, the contribution of insurance to capital market development, and the possibility of benchmarking microinsurance based on key performance indicators. For the first time, the magazine includes a debate which focuses on the role of private health insurance in achieving universal health coverage.


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