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Micro Insurance Matters: Issue 10

The new edition of MicroEnsure's newsletter focuses on the activities of the organisation and includes among other information:

  • An article on the framework for providing health insurance for the poor;
  • Information on MicroEnsure's free health check-up camps in India;
  • An article on utilising technology to deliver efficient and effective healthcare programmes.

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MicroSave's e-bulletin on microinsurance

The February edition of MicroSave's e-bulletin focuses the scope, issues and challenges of microinsurance. Additionally, this edition highlights MicroSave's work in the area of microinsurance throughout the world.

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Microinsurance Healthcare and Incidence Rate Questionnaire

Morgan, Lisa; John D. Meerschaert, Milliman Research Report, February 2010

In order to launch new health microinsurance products, actuaries and other healthcare professionals will be involved at the pricing stage as technical advisors. This paper, which was prepared for the International Congress of Actuaries 2010 in Cape Town, provides technical advisors with some guidelines and a tool for collecting healthcare pricing data where none exists or where what exists is unreliable.

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Symposium issue of JRI on microinsurance

Journal of Risk and Insurance, Volume 78, Issue 1, March 2011

This edition of the Journal of Risk and Insurance represents a subset of the papers that were presented in the first scientific track included in the 5th International Microinsurance Conference held in Senegal in November 2009.

The articles in this issue examine several of the most important questions regarding microinsurance and its potential to reduce the incidence and persistence of poverty. They challenge academic researchers with interests from the fields of risk management and insurance, development economics, experimental economics, and others to come together to address the difficulties of designing products targeted to the poor in developing countries.

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Insurance & technology to better serve emerging consumers

Zurich Financial Services Group, January 2011

The technology landscape in developing countries is changing rapidly - sometimes outpacing industrialised markets. These changes are driving innovations and providing access to new markets in ways that were unimaginable just a few years ago. They not only open exciting opportunities for inclusion of unserved customer segments but are also setting the pace for insurers focused on growing with emerging market customers.

Zurich Financial Services GroupThis study incorporates more than two dozen interviews with microinsurance and technology experts drawing a picture of immediate and near-term tactics in the areas of usability, affordability, investment and regulation. It shows that there is tremendous opportunity in providing low-cost high-value insurance policies with a focus on scalability and efficient processes and how many of the doors to access this customer segment are being unlocked through the changing technology landscape.

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Impact Evaluation of Health Micro Insurance Through Randomised Controlled Trials

Mukhopahyay, Tilak; Akhil S. Behl, Centre for Insurance & Risk Management, IFMR

This paper details the research methodology of using Randomised Controlled Trials (RCTs) in two health microinsurance projects in India. The paper discusses the rationale and the need for randomised controlled trials to assess the impact of the health microinsurance. The paper also explores the theoretical nuances of the research methodology, and lists the outcomes expected from the interventions based on the current status of the projects.

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