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Commercial insurance study in Luxembourg press

The recently by the Network published study on commercial insurance companies and microinsurance has been well covered by the media in Luxembourg, where the secretariat of the Microinsurance Network is based. Two full page articles have been published today in the Tageblatt and on the ecomony section front page of the Luxemburger Wort.

The study can be downloaded from our publication page.

Microinsurance at the Microfinance Research Conference?

Karlijn Morsink, from the University of Twente, went for the Microinsurance Network to the Second European Research Conference on Microfinance, organised by the Academic Research Action Group of the European Microfinance Platform (e-MFP). In this short Challenges and Topics, she explains what researchers have said about microinsurance.

Microinsurance Trilogy N24 - Summer 2011 edition available

The summer edition of the Microinsurance Network's newsletter "Microinsurance Trilogy" is available in English, French and Spanish.

This edition of the Microinsurance Trilogy presents two initiatives that focus on the various aspects of knowledge management: ILO’s Microinsurance Innovation Facility and the Microinsurance Learning and Knowledge (MILK) project implemented by the MicroInsurance Centre, both initiatives are funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

While the Facility is addressing the knowledge issue through lessons learnt from their grantees and its research activities, the MILK project is addressing them through in-depth studies of the business cases of key players throughout the value chain, and through research with clients looking at the value added of insurance over other risk management options. These two different yet complementary approaches of creating knowledge will provide a comprehensive understanding of microinsurance.

Download newsletter: (English) (Français) (Español)

New publication: Commercial Insurers in Microinsurance

Coydon, Marie-Amandine and Véronique Molitor, Microinsurance Network, 2011

With the increasing number of commercial insurance companies entering the microinsurance market, a study was commissioned by the Microinsurance Network to examine the incentives and long term perspectives of commercial insurance companies in the microinsurance sector.

The study, which is part of the Network’s efforts to share lessons learnt and promote good practices, contacted the top 50 insurance companies from the Forbes "The Global 2000 Insurance" list and five additional local ones who are significant stakeholders in microinsurance.

Commercial Insurers in Microinsurance

From 55 companies contacted, 24 agreed to participate in the study. More precisely, the study pool comprised of 20 insurance companies, two brokers and two reinsurance companies. Each one completed a survey addressing their current microinsurance schemes as well as their views and the challenges they face in microinsurance.

The Microinsurance Network hopes this study will not only increase the understanding of the microinsurance sector as a whole, but will also encourage other insurance companies to enter the market.

Through increased involvement that uses the lessons already learnt, one can presume that microinsurance services for low-income people will become more competitive, affordable and better adapted to the clients’ needs.

Download study or press release

New publication: Public Private Partnerships in Microinsurance

Ramm; Gaby, Microinsurance Network, August 2011

Public-Private Partnerships in MicroinsuranceThis paper aims to provide a comprehensive view of the different aspects of public-private partnerships (PPP) in microinsurance by using examples and answering a series of questions that examine the different types and partners of PPP, how it should be managed, who are the beneficiaries, where lie the gaps and what are the strategic considerations for the future.

The paper, which is the culmination of an short article and an online discussion, is specifically targeted at institutions that are either considering a PPP arrangement, or would like to gain insight into how value can be added to a PPP.

Click here to download paper

Registration open! 7th International Microinsurance Conference

Registration for the 7th International Microinsurance Conference is now open! The conference, which will take place from 8 to 10 November 2011 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, will have around 80 speakers presenting in 22 sessions. The preliminary agenda is available for consultation and all other information can be found on the conference website

Click here for registration form