Mr Tafadzwanashe Zinyoro

Organisation full name: Centre for Inclusive Finance (CIF)
Position: Founder and Director
Description (bio):

Tafadzwanashe is an expert in inclusive finance and has experience in both insurance and microfinance. He is the Founder and Director of the Centre for Inclusive Finance. He is also working as a Board Member at the Insurance and Pensions Commission (IPEC), Zimbabwe where he is spearheading the development of a microinsurance regulatory framework. In addition, he is also working as a lecturer of Risk Management and Insurance at NUST.  Tafadzwanashe has worked as a Credit Risk and Product Development Officer for Inclusive Financial Services. Prior to that, he has also worked in Ghana for BRS as a microinsurance intern. As an intern, he developed a microinsurance operational manual for 16 rural and community banks and also assisted in product development as well as in the appraisal of the microinsurance project.


Expertise: Capacity building/Training
Region (where based): Sub-Saharan Africa
Regional focus: Sub-Saharan Africa
Country of expertise / operation: Zimbabwe
Interest: Capacity building/Training