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Interview with Jose Luis AgŁela Palmieri (ACCION/ParaLife)

Click on the link below to see how Jose Luis Agüela Palmieri, ACCION Resident Advisor to ParaLife (a Colombia-based organization with the mission of providing financial security to the disabled and the vulnerable entrepreneurial poor through microinsurance), answers the below questions:

  • Why do the poor in developing countries need insurance?
  • How do their insurance needs differ from people in other economic strata?
  • How do you determine the level of risk of a low-income client? Does the process differ for low-income people versus those in the middle and upper classes?
  • What is a typical microinsurance product?
  • How does ParaLife function as an intermediary?
  • How are you assisting ParaLife? What is your mandate?
  • Are there cultural obstacles to convincing people at the base of the pyramid that they should invest in insurance?
  • What is your experience working with low-income populations? With insurance?

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IFFCO-TOKIO General Insurance Company working with the Micro Insurance Academy in Bhopal

Central Chronicle, 3 October 2009

IFFCO-TOKIO General Insurance Company Limited launched its Customer Service Centre (CSC) on Saturday. This new CSC will be offering claims related services to it's customers in Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh. It had launched first office in MP in 2001 and company has already opened 13 offices in MP.

The company has launched rural centric initiatives like micro insurance and Barish Bima Yojana and has recently tied up with the Micro Insurance Academy (MIC) for developing community based micro health insurance for the cooperatives sector in MP.

NK Kedia, MD (Marketing) IFFCO-TOKIO General Insurance said at inaugural function of CSC that it has constantly made claims settlement a swift and simple process for the benefit of our customers. Sharing the importance of the new CSC in the state capital HO Suri, ED of IFFCO-TOKIO General Insurance said that speedy claims settlement is a priority area for it because in the long run only a company with a good claims servicing track record can strive to reach greater heights.

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PlaNet Guarantee recherche un coordinateur microassurance

PlaNet Guarantee recherche un coordinateur microassurance Mali pour mettre en place les activités des différents projets de microassurance (récolte, développement de nouveaux produits), ainsi que de développer la mise en place de contrats de microassurance pour les SFD et leurs bénéficiaires. Le coordinateur aura aussi pour objectif de développer les activités de microassurance au Mali et au Burkina Faso, ainsi que sur d’autres pays suivant les potentiels de développement.

Merci d’adresser vos candidatures à mdubreuil@planetguarantee.org