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Resources in microinsurance are fast evolving with new ones appearing constantly. This page aims to bring together all microinsurance related websites, newsletters, notes, events, videos, jobs and trainings. Please contact the Network if you feel anything is missing.

Websites Websites

Access to Insurance Initiative (A2II)
The A2II website brings together all information on microinsurance regulations, supervision and policy, including guidelines, tools and individual country analysis.

Agriculture Risk Management Team (ARMT)
The ARMT, based at the World Bank, provides technical assistance on a wide range of agricultural risks along the supply chain. In addition, the website contains information on related publications and trainings.

This website specialises in agricultural insurance and provides information on innovative insurance products for agricultural applications, including a large section on weather index insurance.

Centre for Financial Regulation and Inclusion (Cenfri)
Cenfri supports financial inclusion and facilitates better regulation by conducting research, providing advice and developing capacity building programmes, all of which can be found on the website.

Centre for Insurance and Risk Management Blog (CIRM)
CIRM's mandate is to undertake product design and action research to facilitate provision of risk management solutions and this blog highlights all new activities and projects.

Country Information Database 
The Country Information Database is a collection of documents that contain microinsurance information on specific regions and countries throughout the world. 

Global Extension of Social Security (GESS)
GESS is a global knowledge sharing platform on the extension of social security and this website provides information on the subject including additional resources, country profiles and news.

Global Extension of Social Security: Microinsurance
This page contains all the relevant information on microinsurance topics, resources and related information that used to be published on the now closed "Global Information on Microinsurance" (GIMI) platform.

International Research Institute for Microinsurance (MIIIR)
This website contains information on microinsurance research topics such as economics, housing, marketing and distribution, innovation and legal.

Joint Learning Network for Universal Health Coverage (JLN)
The JLN is a collaborative effort focused around four technical areas for universal health coverage: Payment mechanisms, expanding coverage, information technology and quality. 

Knowledge Management Portal
The knowledge sharing platform of the ILO's Microinsurance Innovation Facility enables the user to share their experiences, connect with other practitioners and consolidate knowledge on microinsurance.

La Concertation
The Concertation is a network of organisations with the aim to develop Mutual Health Organisations (MHOs) in Western and Central Africa. The website contains information on tools, events and publications.

Microfinance Gateway
The website is a comprehensive online resource for the microfinance community and includes a large amount of information on microinsurance such as publications, articles, news, events, and job opportunities.

Micro Insurance Academy (MIA) 
This website offers information on the different activities of MIA such as trainings, research, and advisory services. It also includes publications, a microinsurance glossary and news articles.

MicroInsurance Centre
The website of the MicroInsurance Centre brings together information on microinsurance related publications, documents, institutions, experts and events.

Microinsurance Cooperative (ICMIF)
This website promotes the activities of ICMIF members involved in microinsurance as well as highlighting the role of the cooperative and mutual movement in providing access to insurance for the underserved.

Microinsurance Innovation Facility (ILO)
The ILO's Microinsurance Innovation Facility website contains information on all aspects of the microinsurance sector while concentrating on the activities of their grantees.

Microinsurance Learning and Knowledge (MILK)
The MILK Project website contains information and documentation on the questions relating to client value and whether there is a business case for microinsurance.

Microinsurance Map
This website brings together information and data on sector payers, products, acts and regulations in South Asia, in particular India.  

Microinsurance Network Technology Inventory
The Microinsurance Technology Inventory provides the community with an overview of technologies that can be used for the administration of microinsurance.

Microinsurance Network Stocktaking Initiative on Impact Assessments
The Microinsurance Stocktaking website aims to be a clearinghouse for information on ongoing impact assessments of microinsurance programmes throughout the world.

Munich Re Foundation
This website assembles a large amount of information on the International Microinsurance Conferences and other relevant microinsurance publications, including an annotated bibliography on agricultural insurance.

Platform for Health Insurance for the Poor (HIP)
This platform brings together expertise in the field of health care and health insurance in developing countries. Information and knowledge can be shared through the platform.

Rural Finance Learning Center 
This learning centre aims to assist organisations in developing countries to build their capacity to deliver improved financial services, which meet the needs of rural households and businesses.

South-South Learning on Social Protection Gateway
This website is an online collaborative platform for policy dialogue and knowledge-sharing amongst social protection practitioners in the southern countries.


Newsletters Newsletters

Microinsurance Newsletter
The Microinsurance Network newsletter, entitled ‘The Microinsurance Trilogy’, is published three times a year available in English, French and Spanish. It provides information on the Network’s activities with selected articles on Working Group topics, case studies, events and other related news.

Innovation Flash
Published every quarter by the ILO's Microinsurance Innovation Facility, this newsletter, with its different sections such as news, research, events and publications, offers an up-to-date insight into the Facility's work.

MicroInsurance Matters
The quarterly newsletter of MicroEnsure highlights the organisations activities through specifically related articles, microinsurance information and personal stories. 

Microinsurance Trilogy
The newsletter published in English, French and Spanish by the Microinsurance Network provides information on the Network’s activities with articles on Working Group topics, case studies, events and other related news.

Micro Insurance Voices
This newsletter highlights the activities of the Micro Insurance Academy, including news and events, innovative research, and among others, feature perspectives from microinsurance experts.

MIPSS Microinsurance Newsletter
This newsletter, produced by the Microinsurance Innovation program for Social Security (MIPSS), examines the microinsurance sector in the Philippines and includes all relevant news articles and events in the area.

MIPSS Microinsurance Newsletter
This newsletter, produced by the Microinsurance Innovation program for Social Security (MIPSS), examines the microinsurance sector in the Philippines and includes all relevant news articles and events in the area.

The newsletter published by ICMIF brings together news and stories from around the world with a focus on members’ activities in the development sector, microinsurance and regulation.

The ICMIF Takaful newsletter, published every two months, provides updates and news items on member activities and the sector in general in the area of Takaful.

Takaful e-weekly
This weekly news update, edited and disseminated by the Middle East Insurance Review, provides updates and articles on the regions insurance sector.


 Notes Notes and useful documents

Briefing Notes
These notes provide consolidated and concise knowledge on specific topics in microinsurance and are mostly summaries of the ILO's Microinsurance Innovation Facility’s Microinsurance Paper series.

Microinsurance Glossary
This glossary, which aims to standardise translations and facilitate consistency and understanding, contains over 350 English, French and Spanish microinsurance terms.

Microinsurance In Focus Notes
The Microinsurance In Focus notes are based on chapters of the book "Protecting the Poor: A Microinsurance Compendium" to make the compendium's content more accessible.

Microinsurance Notes
This series of ten notes, produced by the MicroInsurance Centre for USAID, provides a brief and accessible introduction to the ten major topics in microinsurance.

Network Notes
These notes aim to document the various activities of the Microinsurance Network and its Working Groups and are divided into three categories, general information, projects and publications.


Events Events

Microfinance Gateway
This calendar offers a searchable database of events including microfinance, as well as microinsurance related trainings, conferences and workshops. Users can also submit their own events.

Microinsurance Network Calendar
This online interactive calendar on the Network's website includes all microinsurance events, as well as related conferences, meetings, workshops and trainings.


Videos Videos

This collection of videos illustrates through personal accounts how microinsurance, whether it’s weather index-based, health or simple life insurance, has benefitted people’s lives.

Microfinance Podcast
This website, run by MicroSave, provides a collection of short documentaries, video interviews and tutorials on microfinance and microinsurance through a mixture of audio and video files.

Micro Insurance Academy (MIA)
MIA’s collection of videos on YouTube varies from instructive learning sessions on insurance education, awareness raising campaigns, to a Bollywood style microinsurance feature film.

Microinsurance Innovation Facility (ILO)
The Facility have a large collection of video that range from interviews with microinsurance professionals on specific challenges and issues, microinsurance presentations and testimonies from the field.

Microinsurance on YouTube
The numerous microinsurance videos on YouTube vary from interviews, documentaries, company promotion videos, tutorials, presentations, news items and success stories.


Jobs Jobs

Microfinance Gateway
The Microfinance Gateway has an extensive and continuously updated collection of jobs in microfinance and microinsurance.

Microinsurance Network RSS News feeds
The RSS news feed of the Network highlight specific microinsurance related job offers as well as general microinsurance news about the sector, members and new publications.


Trainings Trainings

Agriculture Risk Management (ARD)
ARD has developed a number of training programmes that are largely a summation of its experience and lessons learned. The trainings are conducted throughout Africa, Latin America and Caribbean, and Asia.

Centro International de Apoyo a las Innovaciones Financiera (Centro AFIN)
Centro AFIN, based in Bolivia, runs a Spanish programme which promotes microinsurance for microentrepreneurs and goal is to create a sustainable market for microinsurance and increase its awareness in MFIs.

Institut Supérieur Panafricaine d’Economie Coopérative (ISPEC)
ISPEC, based in Cotonou, Benin, provides training on cooperatives in French and is one of the largest training schools in cooperative economy south of the Sahara in francophone Africa.

Micro Insurance Academy (MIA)
MIA provides professional training to external organisations on the nature and workings of microinsurance and reinsurance by combining grassroots level experience with tested resources.

Tata-Dhan Academy
The academy aims to become a centre of excellence in development management education, training and research. They offer courses in microinsurance in English and are based in Madurai, India.

Training and assistance in social security (Gimi)
Gimi provides on demand training programmes in collaboration with partner institutions on social security. These are offered in either in an online, classroom or study kit format.