15 June 2017 - 16 June 2017
Topics: Capacity building and Training
The Microinsurance course explores concepts and actions to develop insurance services and the relationships between coverage, customer acceptance, and financial outcomes for the insurance provider by means of a review of the theory and practice of microinsurance, and a practical simulation tool. It is designed for organisations that support the development of microinsurance.
The course allows participants to gain a basic understanding of microinsurance and explore theory and practice of offering microinsurance products to low-income customers in developing countries, where social security systems typically fail to reach the majority of the population. Through a simulation tool that introduces market uncertainty to classroom learning, they experience the key aspects of managing a microinsurance scheme. In a simulation case study, course participants analyse a business scenario and decide and implement appropriate action to achieve strategic objectives. Participants also get a better understanding of how the process and components of a microinsurance scheme interrelate and impact upon each other, and discuss financing and institutional options for the microinsurance scheme.

Location: Zurich

Application deadline: 15th of May 2017