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The objective of the microinsurance technology inventory is to provide the microinsurance community with an overview of technologies that can be used for the administration of microinsurance. The Microinsurance Network Technology Working Group started in 2009 to approach different technology vendors to review their systems. The reviews analyse whether the systems can be used for microinsurance and examine the available features. This first investigation resulted in a list of 20 software systems, which are listed in the technology inventory.

Technology inventory

The majority of approached vendors meet the following selection criteria:

  • Commercial availability of software
  • Used by at least two organisations practicing microinsurance
  • Covers at least policy and claims management
  • Capacity of the company to market, support and enhance its products
  • Willingness to co-operate in the review process

On the Technology inventory page, you can use search filters to make a selection of software systems based on the needs of your microinsurance organisation. For example you can filter your search by language, size of the organisation, type of delivery model(s), product type(s), etc.

Apply and request for software information

In order to meet both the demand and supply side, the website offers the opportunity to microinsurers to inform the Working Group about their specific needs for technologies that are not yet listed, and for technology vendors to propose a system for review.


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