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10 Years

The Microinsurance Network celebrated its 10 year anniversary in 2012. When 16 experts first sat down in early 2002 to form the CGAP Working Group on Microinsurance, none of them could have imagined what would be achieved 10 years on. The participants of this meeting realised the need for an exchange and learning platform to ensure microinsurance fulfils its potential.

The platform, renamed the Microinsurance Network, now has over 60 institutional members representing around 200 experts in fifteen different working and discussion groups.

On this page, you will find information about special activities that took place throughout 2012 to mark the anniversary.

10 Year Anniversary News

Listen to the latest microinsurance podcast on the technological revolution in microinsurance

The third edition of the podcast is with Eric Gerelle on the role of technology in microinsurance, the challenges it faces and its limitations. Eric is an international technology expert who co-authored the chapter entitled "The technology revolution in microinsurance" in the second volume of the Microinsurance Compendium.

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10 Year Anniversary Activities

These are the activities we have in store so far:

Three Big Questions

Throughout the year we will ask you three questions regarding your personal perceptions of microinsurance.

Microinsurance Awareness Season

Taking into account that the first meeting of experts took place in March 2002, we encourage you to organise between March and June an event with colleagues and partners to raise the awareness of microinsurance.

Virtual Events

Online events, which will take the form of webinars, online discussions, audio podcasts and video presentations, aim to encourage debate on specific topics by drawing on the expertise of our Network members.

State of Microinsurance publication

The Network will publish a yearbook that examines the state of microinsurance and looks at the evolution of the Network illustrated through interviews and personal accounts.

And many more…

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